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Daniel Kanaan was born in Boston in 1974 and raised in London, England. Of Lebanese and Norwegian descent, Daniel spent most of his life abroad before returning to the United States in 2011.

Daniel graduated from Brown University with a degree in Neuroscience in 1996. He began studying art with Jeffery Camp, RA in London. Camp focussed on drawing from life and from other works of art. Work from this period includes nudes and landscapes both small and large scale.

After this, Daniel started the London Drawing Classes and taught at Central Saint Martins college of Art, London. In 2006, a series of portraits and landscapes led to a solo exhibition in Nice, France in 2006.

In 2007 he began courses in printmaking: etching, aquatint and monotype. This led to the inclusion of an etching, 'Lawn Chairs', in the 2007 Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, alongside the etchings of Auerbach and Freud.

At the end 2007, Daniel moved to Marseille, France, with his wife and family where they created the Marseille Project Gallery. Together, they curated six exhibitions which included work from 35 countries and 160 artists. Daniel's work included Kinetic Sculptures made from scrap metal.

In 2011, Daniel moved to Boston where he completed some large scale landscapes before finally abandoning figurative art and commencing a series of abstract paintings.

The first series of abstract work title META led to several successful exhibitions in 2011, including one at the Brown University Granoff Center for the Creative Arts in the summer of 2011, and another at Boomerang curated by Boston Art Underground.

Following this, Daniel had a breakthrough with the Flow series based on the mathematical principle of Romanov's Candle. The flow series exhibited widely in 2013, most notably at the Museum of the Modern Renaissance, Somerville, the Rehabilitation Center in Boston, MA, and the Newton Project Gallery, in Newton MA.

In the spring of 2013, Daniel began experimenting with the watercolors. These works met with critical and commercial success. They were selected for the Summer Selective exhibition by New Art Center Curator Kathleen Smith, again by Ellen Fisher for the Movement Show, and again by Flatfile Boston directors Mika Hornyak, Sara Dassel, and George Sopel for the Fall Juried Show.

The watercolors led to the first Watertype Enso in which Daniel used a technique of his own creation that combines water calligraphy, particularly the circle, or Enso, and a kind of timed printing which reverses the original Enso stroke to create a reverse Enso. Elaborated and completed by an installation of large scale Oil Enso, the Watertype Enso has received critical attention by such influential figures as Jan Fontein, Former director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Daniel's work is represented in private and public collections around the world.


bio work exhibitions follow