The Wave

An enormous wave at the point of breaking. This series of work came in response to time of crisis and intense anxiety. I have dealt with anxiety since I was a child. I see symptoms of anxiety in my own children. The defining moment of this painting was a level of anxiety at the time unfamiliar even to me. The result was a kind of "breaking" in which the anxiety presented itself visually as an enormous wave at the point of breaking on me. ​

The result of this moment of enlightenment led to the creation of this work, but more importantly finally resulted in an understanding of anxiety. Up until this point, I had always attempted to reduce anxiety and to take palliative measures. But this was not the way. The way to treat anxiety is in fact to push it to the limit. In such a way, the mind eventually realizes that anxiety is not real in the true sense of the word, but rather a hypnotic state that accomplishes nothing. ​

When you contemplate this work, my intention is that feel this anxiety overload. The ideal result is one of instant emotional release. I want you to cry when you see this painting, and then I want you to heal.

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