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All art is concerned with purity and non-corruptibility. Digital art, as a new medium, must pose new questions and propose new solutions to the eternal foundations of art: purity, innocence, energy, truth. This collection includes these propositions.

The Purity series is my first NFT authenticated digital art.



I want you to cry when you see this painting, and then I want you to heal.

This is an enormous wave at the point of breaking. I had just arrived at the North Shore of Oahu when I experienced my biggest life transformation yet. Just when I thought I couldn’t overcome my fears, life gave me the opportunity to face them. This is also the time that I started surfing at Alligator Rock.

The intensity of overcoming one of humanity’s biggest enemies: fear of facing the unknown of your inner self is what this painting represents. Each wave is a strong emotion, a force of nature. The decision you make in the moment shows you what you truly are.


Oil Enso

The Oil Enso derives its effect from the statistical nature of the process of creation. The result is a perfect circle which complements the more variable forms of the watertype Enso.

The simplicity of the technique is matched by a beauty that is really only contained in an entire series of watertype Enso. And so the Oil Enso series was born.


Watertype Enso

The Watertype Enso represents the crossroads of the East and the West, the impermanent and the permanent.

Water Calligraphy is done in public spaces on concrete or tile using only water and brushes. This is an impermanent medium that echoes the buddhist tenet of change.

In the West, we have the monotype, a permanent creation which represents the western philosophy that we can control our destiny.

The Watertype Enso is the crossroads of these two art forms. It is a permanent trace of the impermanent stroke.



Watercolor is inherently an experimental medium. Its ease of use and depth of color belies a fascinating range of technique.

Drawing much from the Flow series, these watercolors present an intermediate phase of discovery that lead to the Enso series.


Romanov's Candle

A warm palette gained from The Creation of Time set these apart from the Flow series whence they came.

The works formalize the principle dubbed Romanov's Candle, a mathematical concept of a stressed ring. The shape of such a ring when represented in two dimensions creates several possible variations, including the figure 8, that denotes the paradox of turbulence and calm.


Flow Series

Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

The paintings typically result in a depiction of a 3 dimensional colored flow which may or may not join itself.



The Harmony paintings and installations involve a blanking of the mental canvas.

Simple square or linear compositions and broad strokes or areas of related colors evoke a sense of order and calm.



The Totem of Order Retraces the Joy of Chaos or simply The U painting marks a distinct period.

At seven feet by seven feet, the eponymous painting was an ambitious project of its own. It clearly paves the way for conceptual use of title and a minimal composition carved into a shimmering background. Bringing together elements of Trinity and leading the way to Flow, this is a seminal piece and a conceptually strong series.



The trinity series, completed in 2012, marks a simplicity of composition and balance of color.

Bold geometrical shapes and playful color combines with complex use of matt and brilliant material to create these totemic pieces.


bio work exhibitions follow